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Here comes Cataclysm!

Krasivatwo, Nov 30, 10 2:25 AM.
After the (apparently) entire guild took a break over the past month or so, we are now nearing the Cataclysm! The shattering has already occurred and guildies are wondering if they have enough emergency supplies stocked up to make it through. I highly recommend getting supplies now because the way Garrosh Hellscream is depleting the land, there might not be much left soon!

/end geeky role playing now!

We are preparing for Cataclysm and would love to see everyone do the same! Start looking into your class and spec information so you can jump right in. You might also be interested in earning rep with the new Horde faction Bilgewater Cartel. If so, simply purchase a tabard from the Bilgewater Quartermaster near the flight master in Org and begin running dungeons. All instances of any level will give you rep while wearing the tabard, as will completing quests for the Bilgewater Cartel. First guildie to get the new Bilgewater Cartel mount from exalted rep will get 10g from Krasiva! (Baltix/Pallacious/Leptus/Leptis is excluded!)

Speaking of quests, the entire world has changed! You are likely find many low-level quests all around Azeroth that you have not completed. Blizzard out did themselves with this expac and many of the quests are completely new (not very many "Kill 500 blah blah blah" quests. And if you pay attention to the dialogue, many of them will have you LOL'ing for real!

Anyway, have fun and get ready!

Guilds first full clear of ToC!

Krasivatwo, Jun 26, 10 5:31 PM.
We had a very successful run through Trial of the Crusader last night (6/25)!! Great job by all. A few upgrades for the guild and a great learning experience, especially since that was the first time through for more than one guildy! We were also able to welcome a new mage, Eyefire, to the guild after he helped us run through. We look forward to running more with him and even more clears of ToC (and some progression too!)
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